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Save Money at the Skating Rink {Fun Things to Do in the Summer}

Skating centers and fun things to do in the summer go hand in hand. I share four inexpensive ways your kids can enjoy skating this summer.

Skating is a fun way to escape the outside heat, have some fun, and stay cool.
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Save Time on Laundry

It’s easy to save time on laundry depending on the laundry schedule, the size of load, and the level of family involvement you have.


Reasons Why Laundry Takes You So Long

Does this sound like you? Continue reading…

15 Ways to Save Money at the Circus and Other Kids’ Live Events

When the big top comes to your town each year, do you know how to save money at the circus? Stay tuned for the best tips for saving money at the circus.

Last year, when I was preparing to attend Disney Junior Live Pirate & Princess Adventure, I asked readers for tips on how to save money at kids’ live events. One reader shared that she would not “Buy four $8 hot dogs with two $5 bottle of water, and the $10 token cotton candy bag or $25 glow wand!” Continue reading…

Have Your Next Moms’ Night Out at Bahama Breeze

This post brought to you by Bahama Breeze. All opinions are 100% mine.


 photo ScreenShot2014-06-18at15248PM_zpsc7418dcb.png

Moms don’t get a girls night out very often. But, when I do have the opportunity, I enjoy going somewhere with good food, good drinks, and a good vibe. I can find all three at Bahama Breeze.

Ways to Use Dryer Sheets You May Have Never Thought Of

Dryer sheets aren’t only for freshening your laundry. There are many other creative ways to use dryer sheets outside the laundry room.

Image: Purex

We all know that dryer sheets were made to reduce static cling, soften fabric, and add fragrance. They are available from every brand and in many fragrance varieties. Some prefer to use them instead of liquid fabric softener, which can leave an oily stain or residue on some fabrics.

I prefer using a dryer bar. It’s lasted well over six months and is still going strong. If you’re like me, you have some extra dryer sheets laying around the house. I have over ten ways to use dryer sheets that don’t involve your dryer. Continue reading…