Grocery Shopping Bootcamp (You Know You Need It!)

Ready to get your grocery shopping under control, once and for all?

“Boot camp is the initial indoctrination and instruction given to new personnel.” (Wikipedia)

You may have been overwhelmed, unprepared, or frustrated with grocery shopping in the past.

New you, new rules.

Ideas you can implement today:

Shop With an Organized List

Grocery Lists need to be written in a particular order.  It makes no sense to backtrack.  If the list is ordered by section, like the store is, you will breeze through in no time.

Limit the Number of Trips

At my best, I only go to the grocery store once a week to get milk, eggs, etc.  At my worst, I go to the grocery e-v-e-r-y-d-a-y.  The only realistic way to pull this off is to make a concerted effort to get everything you need, plan your meals, and resolve to go without if you run out of something.

Limit the Number of Stores

I used to shop at more than one store to take advantage of all of the deals, but sometimes you have to simplify.  You can run yourself ragged trying to snag every deal, at every store, every week.  “Perfect is the enemy of the good.” (Source)

Go Alone

When my kids are with me, they argue, they ask for things that are not on my list, and they slow me down.  When I’m really smart, I go to the grocery store before I pick my daughter up from daycare.


When I was on bed-rest, I had to relinquish control of grocery shopping.  Guess what?  We still ate!  Sometimes guys can be better at grocery shopping because they have one goal: to get out of the store as quick as possible getting everything on the list.  They aren’t tempted by the sales, promotions, and markdowns.

These solutions will help you get out of the store quicker, go less often, spend less time overall shopping, limit distractions, impulse spending, and frustration.

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Grocery Shopping Bootcamp - get out of the store quicker go less often spend less time overall shopping limit distractions, impulse spending, and frustration.

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  1. says

    I agree with many of your ideas, but I find that its cheaper for me to shop at various stores, including durgstores, bread stores, and small grocery stores. Thank you for sharing, and please check out my new site at Thank you!
    Misty Nicole Overstreet-Roberts (The Lady Prefers To Save) recently posted…Book Perk: Enter for a Chance to Win Freakonomics and SuperFreakonomics!My Profile

    • says

      You are so right Misty. Before I had kids and when I just had one, my stockpile was always overflowing with free or nearly free items. But, once I had a second child, it just became impossible to do that much shopping without being frustrated, overwhelmed, or cranky. So, I decided to simplify. I’m hoping to get back to that method really soon because my husband said he misses our surplus. Thanks so much for linking to your blog, as I love seeing the deals you post.



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