20 Must Do’s Before School Starts


When the start of the school year is right around the corner, it can seem like the list never ends and there’s not enough time.  Here are some must do’s to get the school year off to a smooth start.

  1. Assess clothes and make necessary additions.
  2. Get hair cuts or hair styled.
  3. Assess and buy school supplies.
  4. Review school schedule, including starting and ending times.
  5. Attend school orientation and / or open house.
  6. Research the school and/or teacher.
  7. Prepare for the first day (layout clothes, label supplies with your child’s name, pack book bag with supplies), the week before school starts.
  8. Discuss meals (breakfast, lunch, snacks, and dinner).
  9. Discuss before- and after-school transportation.
  10. Start a school calendar, if the school doesn’t publish one.
  11. Decide how you will handle / process school paperwork.
  12. Discuss your child’s thoughts, expectations, and concerns about the upcoming school year.
  13. Review general school rules and good citizenship.
  14. Start going to bed early 5-15 minutes each night, beginning a few weeks before school starts.
  15. Make sure registration paperwork and required medical immunizations & exams are in order.
  16. Create a homework center stocked with supplies, in an appropriate setting.
  17. Make childcare arrangements for before- and after-school.
  18. Decide TV, video game, and extra curricular guidelines for the school year.
  19. Enjoy a special night before or weekend before school starts ritual / special activity.
  20. Get up a few minutes early and plan to arrive (at school, at the bus stop, etc.) a few minutes early.

Avoid the morning rush and get ready now!

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What are musts on your back to school to do list?

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