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30 Minute Workouts for Busy Moms

 Every busy mom can find 30 minutes in her day to get in a quick workout. I’m sharing six thirty minute workouts at the gym.

Every busy mom can find 30 minutes in her day to get in a quick workout. Outsidetheboxmom.com

The great news about having a membership to a gym is that you can do a variety of workouts—virtually a different one each day of the week—in just thirty minutes! Follow these six workout options for a fitter, more energetic you in no time! For even more ideas, check out these links to gym workout options: Continue reading…

How to Budget

Wondering how to budget? Building a Budget that Works is an easy to follow workbook designed to make your money work for you.

Building a budget that works is easier than you think.

My relationship with debt began in 1996, my freshman year of college, with a free t-shirt from American Express and a $500 credit limit. Continue reading…

Tips to Reduce Distracted Driving

Distracted driving is a growing epidemic among families. Talking, texting, and emailing are only a few of the culprits. There are three easy ways to reduce distracted driving in your life.

I have to admit it. Sometimes I am a distracted driver. Maybe I’m eating lunch in the car. Other times, I’m trying to answer a call, adjust the radio, or referee a back seat brawl. The easiest ways to reduce driver distraction all start with education.

What is Distracted Driving? Continue reading…

4 Parent Tips for a Great School Year

This guest post from StudyDog was written by blogger, copywriter and editor, Karla D. Smith:

The school year is in full swing.

First day of school nerves have calmed and there’s a new-found confidence in your child’s step as they climb on the bus or walk in their classroom door.

From the morning school bell to after school snacks, what was uncertain, unfamiliar and a little scary is now becoming routine.

But what can you, as a mom, do to help ensure the year ahead is a successful one for your young student, particularly as homework and project loads increase, after school activities pick up, and the “shine” of back-to-school begins to wear off?

Follow these tips to set your child on the path towards a happy and fulfilling school year – now and in the future: Continue reading…

Make Routines More Fun With Hot and Cold Tumblers from Tervis

Whether you’re looking for a hot or cold tumbler, there are many special interests, team sports, and entertaining accessories in Tervis’ lineup that will suit you.

Disclosure: I received Tervis® products to facilitate this review. No other compensation was given. All opinions are 100% my own.

Do you have a favorite cup or mug you like to use? Mine is part of my morning routine – brew a pot of coffee and prepare two insulated mugs with my favorite blend of coffee, flavored creamer, and artificial sweetener.

I think I just found my new favorite: my Tarheels Hot and Cold Tumbler from Tervis®. I’m in love! Continue reading…