Top Five Things to Consider In a Sleepaway Camp

A sleepaway camp, also known as an overnight camp, can be an important part of adolescent memories.



As I mentioned in my last post, I am already planning for next summer and considering summer programs for my 11-year-old.

What is the best way to research a top sleepaway camp?

Glad you asked because I have five questions to consider.

  1. Is my child comfortable with being far away for an extended period of time?
  2. Do your family and friends have referrals?
  3. What can you find on the internet?
  4. Does your city or state offer camps through a Parks & Recreation program?
  5. What does the program offer?

I’m lucky that I have a sleepaway camp at the end of my road. What safer way than practically in my own back yard?

Sleepaway camps teach kids about stewardship principles (leave no trace), self-confidence, and esteem building. These concepts are incorporated into the activities, special events, and daily routine of camp life. Focusing on character helps campers develop both emotionally and socially.  Kids learn about respect for diversity, personal, and peer responsibility and the ability to succeed.

Can you imagine venturing through the woods and enjoying all that nature has to offer? Days are filled with camp activities like canoeing, archery, field games, campfires, climbing, environmental education, high ropes & zip line, mountain boarding, creeking, hiking, horseback riding, arts and crafts, and much more.

If you need more assistance in finding a sleepaway camp, check out:

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Does your family have any experience with a sleepaway camp?Did they enjoy it? If not, why not?

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