Make Valentine’s Day Memorable

My most memorable Valentine’s card was from my Grandma.  I usually toss greeting cards once a season has past.  But, I think I have kept every card my grandma has given me.

She always puts much thought into picking cards for me.  Phrases like “for a dear granddaughter” or “for my granddaughter and her family” come to mind.  The cards she gave me were never generic and always sounded like words she would personally speak to me.  I think I have kept them all because I know one day she will be gone, but I will always be able to read the words she chose for me, in a greeting card she personalized with her signature phrase: “Love, Grandma.  Smiles”

With Valentine’s Day nearing, I heard about and I was immediately reminded of my sweet Grandma.

“Welcome to Treat, your online home for making, sending and putting some real love and personality back into greeting cards…” is a fun and easy-to-use site where you can create personalized greeting cards.  You can add your own words and photos, to stand out from the blah generic ones you find in the store.

They also offer a reminder service so you’ll never forget a birthday, anniversary, or other special event.

If you’re not exactly a creative writer, they have a Message Library for inspiration.

Here’s a Valentine’s card on I picked for my Grandma and Grandpa.

Check out Treat Valentine’s Day cards
Valentine’s Day cards are available on the Treat iPhone app

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