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Top Three Things Needed to Make a Party a Success

Children’s birthday parties are successful when you invite those you care about and have some fun.


I’m not really a party throwing person. I typically host two parties per year: a birthday party for my daughter and a birthday party for my son.

Even though their birthdays are just two days apart, I always have a separate party for each.

Since they are seven years apart, they don’t have friends in common.  And, I want each of my children to have a special day to himself or herself.

What do I consider the top three things that make a party a success?

Location, food, and music.

A fun venue like Chuck E. Cheese or your local laser tag / go kart center is an affordable and fun way to have a party, with no clean up required.

I allow my children to make their own guest lists of 10 or less. They typically include classmates, friends, and cousins.

I serve crowd-pleasing favorites like pizza and cupcakes. The former is easy to order. The latter is easy to transport.

I have an old (and varied) musical soul.  If you look through my internet radio station list, you will see everything from Frank Sinatra or The O’Jays to Lady Antebellum and Kanye West.  Yes, my spectrum of musical interest is THAT wide.  My kids are the same way.  Often, we listen to what my eleven-year-old son calls “oldies music,” current hits, and party tunes. You can find Oldies music at iOldies.  Both of my kids make fun of it…but you will hear them singing right along. J

How do I know I had a successful party?

My son smiles like this:



My daughter is asleep on the ride home:


How do you ensure your parties are a success?


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