Time Saving Tips for Busy Moms – Roundup for May 12

time saving tips for busy moms

This week’s best time saving tips for busy moms cover work-life balance, a cute info-graphic, a plan to get dinner on the table and more:

7 Tips for Achieving that Elusive Work-Life Balance

Some working moms, even those at leading-edge firms like Facebook, find themselves in a quandary today. Their company may offer a slew of work-life benefits, yet they’re reluctant to take advantage of them: Perhaps they see the quest for balance as a sign they’re taking their foot off the career “gas pedal.” Some moms work for companies that just haven’t gotten the message yet.  But smart working parents know it’s simply not sustainable to ignore the work-life balance question. Here, seven tips for those who want it.

Infographic: What It’s Like To Be A Working Mom

In celebration of Mother’s Day on May 13th, TheLadders released a new survey today revealing that working mothers care more about having flexible hours than any other benefit an employer can offer. The infographic is below, and I think nicely shows what working mothers want, how they are regarded by co-workers and their biggest challenge: Work/Life Balance.

8 tips to help working moms balance work and family

Sen. Patty Murray was a mom in tennis shoes when she ran for the U.S. Senate in 1992. I was also a mom in tennis shoes when I launched the Seattle Chinese Post in 1982, except I tried to hide my shoes, thinking that men would think less of me if I looked unprofessional.

Murray capitalized on her mommy persona when a state representative said that ‘a mom in tennis shoes’ could not make a difference. I wasn’t that smart! In those days, I struggled with two young kids while running a newspaper full time.

People often asked, “How do you do it

Give mom a hand: How moms (and dads) can get dinner on the table on hectic weeknights

… the biggest challenge facing many moms (and dads) these days: getting dinner on the table on a weeknight without exploding in a stress bomb.

So we turned to cookbook authors, professional chefs and moms who wage this battle every week in their own kitchens. The overarching theme of their advice: Don’t let perfect be the enemy of good.

Leave the Dishes and Other Tips for Working Moms

Motherhood doesn’t come with a manual. There are no customer service numbers to call when your son has a nightmare and no replacement parts for your daughter’s first broken heart.  Motherhood does provide a lifetime guarantee of unconditional love, on the job training and advice (and lots of it).

How do you keep it all together? Share your tips in the comments.

Photo Source: Flickr curiouskiwi

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