Time Saving Tips for Busy Moms – Roundup for Jan. 26

This week’s best time saving tips for busy moms include a two letter phrase to get things done, achieving balance, and avoiding eating out.


Just Say No {A Fresh Start} :: Amy’s Finer Things

One of the best ways to get something done in the new year or anytime, is to say no.  Sounds contradictory?  It’s not!  There are so very many things, good things, even, that we say yes to throughout our days.  There simply isn’t room for it all.  We cannot do all things well all the time!

It’s hard to say no.  Harder still to say no to good things.  What will people thing?  Oh, but I really like that thing!

Trying To Get Out The Door Fast? 5 Tips To Tame That Mane! :: Good Enough Mother

Mornings are hectic enough without adding those three dreaded words: Bad Hair Day! So how can we get out the door fast and still look great? We went right to one of my top choices for styling tips and advice

Working Moms’ Guide to Finding Balance in 2013 :: Charleston Grit

Let’s back up: I’m almost 40 years old. I’m a mom with a day job who tries to get exercise, hit the grocery store, do the family laundry, get my hair done… oh and don’t forget homework, that field trip, a soccer game, build a house, nurturing my relationship. Reflecting on it all, I know in my heart the key word is BALANCE. Will I ever be able to balance it all? Why do these things make mothers feel so bad about themselves? Don’t we all want to think we can do everything with true grace and without a hair out of place!

I haven’t figured it all out yet (does anyone?) but with each day, I learn a little more. Like a balance cheat sheet I can keep adding to.

8 Ways to Avoid Eating Out :: Good Cheap Eats

It’s easy; it’s  convenient, and there’s no mess to clean up.

That last one can break me. If it’s been a long day and the kitchen is finally clean after feeding my kids breakfast, second breakfast, elevensies, etc, the last thing I want to do is mess up the kitchen. Again. A run for In-N-Out Burger sounds easy as well as tasty.

If there’s food at home that might otherwise go to waste, however, it’s a better financial choice to eat at home. Even if you’re going to go buy groceries to cook at home, those are usually less expensive than a restaurant meal.

So, how do you avoid eating out, tempting though it may be?

Save Time and Money When Cooking by Making More 2-for-1 Meals :: Lifehacker

Some cooking methods and types of meals can make your food budget go farther and maximize your time in the kitchen. On the Slow Food USA Blog, cookbook author Tamar Adler suggests cooking things in ways that create a second ingredient, which can double the number of meals you get out of one cooking session.

What’s your best tip for saving time?

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