Time Saving Tips for Busy Moms – Roundup for Feb. 2

This week’s best time saving tips for busy moms include a healthy eating, ways to chill out, and when you shouldn’t be multi-tasking.


Healthy Eating on a Busy Mom Schedule :: $5 Dinners

Even as I’m finding myself in “survival mode,” it’s still very important to me to continue eating healthy, even though my “busy-ness” level just increased 18 fold with having a newborn. Healthy eating, and specifically when on a crazy busy schedule, can easily fall by the wayside. I’m bound and determined to not let that happen.

Bottom line, it comes down to choices. And making the choice to eat healthful foods on a weekly, daily and even hourly  basis. It’s through the daze and fatigue of “busy-ness” that makes this difficult.

Here are the 5 ways that I’ll be working hard to implement in the coming weeks as we adjust to life with 4 littles and the increased demands of a newborn. These tricks help me make the best choices on what I fuel my body with each day:

Chill out, Mom :: She Knows

 Take stress in strideIn this issue of Working Mom 3.0, writer Stephanie Taylor Christensen explains four techniques to take stress in stride, and why going with the flow will benefit your career.

Multitasking Moms Get Wakeup Call Behind the Wheel :: Cars.com Blog

As a busy mom who works with a whole team of busy mom reviewers, I can sympathize with a new mom’s need to multitask. I’m not naming names but some of us have been known to dole out gummy bears one by one to fussy kids just to get through a team conference call. However, the multitasking has to stop in the car.

Why Do More Moms Take the Lead on Parenting? :: The Motherlode

Who’s doing most of the work?

O.k., that’s not exactly what we’re arguing about. My experience is that I know more of the details of my children’s schedules than my husband. It’s harder for me to travel. I worry more about their activities, and I worry more about whether I’m doing a “good job” at being their mother.

How to Create Margin in Your Family’s Schedule :: LifeYour Way

Without extra space in my schedule, there is no room to create, no room to be bored, no room to be spontaneous, no room to just be. I want my children to know this space. I want them to feel the adventure of living, not the schedule of a well-ordered week. I also want them to know an attentive mom, not a frazzled drill sergeant who moves them from place to place.

What’s your best tip for saving time?

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