The Busy Mom’s Guide to Your Kids’ Fall Wardrobe

It’s easy to have kids’ fall outfits before Fall officially begins. Hand me downs, purchases during last year’s end of season sales, and purchases from thrift stores will give you a great head start.


When Do I Need Fall Clothes?

Although Fall officially began September 22, it will really depend on your climate.  This task is best performed on a weekend (Trust me when I say: do not attempt in the morning, while your child is getting dressed for school.)

Assess & Make a List

What sizes do they wear?

What do you already have on hand?

Check for items needing repair or replacement.

Make a shopping list of items that need to be purchased.

Make a budget.  Wondering how much to pay for each item? See my suggestions for clothing children inexpensively.

What Will I Need?

For my laundry schedule and to allow maximum flexibility, I prefer 3 weeks’ worth.  That would include:

21 long sleeved shirts

21 pairs of pants (or skirts)

21 pairs of socks

21 t-shirts

21 pairs of underwear

2-3 pairs of shoes (casual, dressy, sneakers)

a few pair of versatile tights (for girls)

a few dresses (for girls)

1 lightweight, hooded jacket (or raincoat)

1 heavyweight, hooded coat

1 scarf, glove, hat set





thermal layers

khaki pants

other dress / formal clothes

Download this Free Shopping List for Fall Kids Clothing

Where Should I Shop?

Check sales at big box and department stores.

Search your local Craigslist site for “Baby & Kids” or “Clothes & Accessories”.

Locate thrift or consignment stores in your area.

Ask friends and family for their gently used hand-me-downs.

See other tips for clothing children inexpensively.

Tips for Maximizing the Wardrobe

Save anything that can still be used, depending on climate, such as a few t-shirts, shorts, and 1 pair sandals.

Store clothing by outfit and in reach of your child (when it is age appropriate and makes sense).

Dress in layers (t-shirt, long-sleeved shirt, and jacket).

Buy complementary colors to mix & match pieces.

What to Do With the Old Clothes

Sell on Craigslist.

Donate to thrift stores, homeless shelters, or children’s home.

Sell at consignment stores.

Give to other families.

See other tips for clothing children inexpensively.

How do you clothe your kids without losing your shirt?

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