Top Three Things About Choosing a Summer Camp for Teens

Teens may be too old for traditional childcare, but a summer camp can provide the fun and structure they need to get through the summer.



Yes, I know we are less than 10 days from Christmas, but I have been contemplating what to do with my kids next summer.

I have such great memories of summer camp. I made friends at different schools, camped, cooked meals using a campfire, swam, and looked forward to getting mail.

I can’t remember all of their names, but the memories will be with me forever.

“[These memories] are more your own memories, unique to your experiences –not common family memories, not common school memories. You may possibly think about them more or use them more in interaction with others reflecting your individuality.”  (Source)

So, as I begin to plan for my 11-year-old’s summer, I have been researching summer teen programs. Three areas I have focused on are activities, location, and cost.

Summer Camp Activities Available

What activities are included — camping, hiking, team-building, swimming, stargazing, singing, arts & crafts, or other?

Location of Summer Camp

How far am I comfortable with my son being away from me?

Do I want him close enough to go rescue him if I miss him he needs me?

Summer Camp Cost

What is the cost and how can I begin preparing for this now? Will I need to purchase supplies, set aside money, or do more research?

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What has your experience been with summer teen camps?


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