Mom’s Last Minute Guide to Valentine’s Day

Mom, did you wait until the last minute to prepare for Valentine’s Day?  I have 14 easy ideas that can be pulled off, even the day before.

Whether you have younger or older kids, want to stay home or go out, I have some easy ideas that will fit every budget and taste.

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  1. Show a Valentine’s movie for the kids at home like A Charlie Brown Valentine.
  2. Dine out for cheap with your Valentine.  For more ideas, also see 9 ways to save money on Valentine’s Day: “Between dinner reservations and a nice bottle of wine to frilly gifts and gadgets, Valentine’s Day can end up breaking the bank if you aren’t careful.  For parents, this isn’t always doable. So if you’re looking for a cheaper way to celebrate your loved ones, here are a few ideas.”
  3. Utilize affordable date night childcare at your local YMCA, Pump It Up Play Center, or other activity center.  (You could also ask Grandma & Grandpa or Auntie & Uncle, too.)
  4. Purchase a gift for your sweetie: a thoughtful card along with their favorite treat.
  5. Use printable Valentine’s CardsThese saved the day for us last year when I couldn’t find the ones I had purchased on clearance the previous year.
  6. Don’t want to spend much money?  See Simple Ways to Celebrate Your Valentine on the Cheap.
  7. Give a night off dishes or extra tv time using the Free Printable Valentine’s Coupons template.
  8. If you work at night, like I do right now,  do a Valentine’s Day lunch with your sweetie.
  9. Spend time with your kids while having the child write their classmates name and sign the cards, using the list of classmate names from school.
  10. Have a special Valentine’s breakfast or lunch by serving heart-shaped pancakes or heart-shaped sandwiches.
  11. Stay home for dinner and watch a movie like Valentine’s Day.
  12. Remember that most preschools may have a no candy, no home-baked goods rule.  The elementary schools typically just have a no home-baked goods rule.  In common courtesy and fairness, make sure your child includes all classmates.
  13. Help at your child’s school with decorating, post-party clean up, chaperoning, donating decorations, lending props or books, reading stories, or leading activities.
  14. Don’t forget to check your stores after Valentine’s Day to buy box sets and candy for next year, up to 90% off.


Still looking for Valentine’s ideas? I found 10 Easy Ideas for Valentine Cupcakes.

Want to hear something funny? Read all about my experience Addressing Valentine Cards with a Preschooler.


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