How To Spend Your Unemployed Days

Being unemployed leaves a lot of unstructured time.  It’s easy to be depressed and veg on the couch, watching tv.  Order your day around your priorities and add in a little fun for maximum results.

how-to-spend-your-unemployed-days Missed the beginning of my story?  Read Part 1: Working Mom Unemployed: Now What? , Part 2: Unemployment: Why Did This Happen to Me?, and Part 3: The 5 Step Guide to Surviving a Layoff Financially.

Create a Routine Around Your Priorities

Get up early, at the same time.
Eat breakfast.
Check results from your online job searches and newspaper listings.
Submit applications and resumes.
Follow up on submitted applications and interviews.
Perform household chores and cooking.
Spend time with your family.

Catch Up on Things You’ve Been Missing

Volunteer for a cause you care about.
Handle appointments and errands you may have neglected or not had time for.
Spend time with children in ways you haven’t been about to previously, due to your work schedule (Examples: visit the library, attend library events, play at the park, attend week day church events, volunteer at your child’s school, have lunch with your child at school).
Attend to neglected projects.

Take Care of Yourself

Pray and study the Bible.
Get enough (but not too much) sleep.
Eat well.

At the end of the day, I want to feel like I have given my search for full-time work a great effort and be comfortable in my (mostly) clean home, with a meal ready for my family.

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