How to Avoid Working Mom Guilt

Working moms may find it hard to avoid the guilt associated with working, especially outside the home.  Here  are some tips to help overcome that feeling.


Here’s the second installment of a 3-part abbreviated interview (not word for word) with my friend Samantha, from Have Sippy, Will Travel.  Read what she had to say about  How to Be a Working Mom and Go To School.

1.  Do you feel any “mommy guilt?”
I work because I have to work, but I also enjoy it.  I do the best I can, in the moment. I have never done anything I would be embarrassed about.  In each moment, I make the best choice I can. When you use the knowledge you have and have good intentions, sometimes things will still turn out bad, because you could still go wrong.
2.  What advice would you give other moms experiencing guilt?
Know what your personal priorities and feelings are.  Push mommy guilt aside.  Don’t care what people think.
3.  How did you get started?
When my son was younger, I was a nanny.  Then, I started teaching preschool when he was 2-1/2.  Following that, I started writing on the side, in traditional media and started my blog.  I often have to battle with jealousy during work trips because some think I am relaxing, but it’s more pressure writing, pictures, social media, rush through a venue…it’s actually work.  There can be lots of judgment from women (on topics like breastfeeding or moms working).
4.  Do you plan to have any more kids?
No.  One is enough.  It’s easier to travel with one.  My son was a really challenging baby (colic, screamed, little sleep until 2-1/2, etc.).  He is a really “chill” kid now.

Samantha is a writer and blogger.  She works with Wyndham Worldwide’s Women on Their Way as  a Travel Blogger, writes syndicated columns, and was ranked in the Top 10 Most Influential Moms in Social Media.  Catch up with her on her blog Have Sippy, Will Travel where she writes about travel, product reviews, food, and kids.

What do you do when you feel burdened with guilt?  Have you found ways to avoid it?

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