8 Tips to Make Sunday Night More Fun

Did you know that Sunday night and fun can go in the same sentence. I’ve got 8 easy ways to make it happen

Do you dread Sunday nights ? You don't have to! All you need is this list of 8 easy ways to make Sunday nights more fun. | OutsideTheBoxMom.com
Sunday nights can be a real downer, but with a mind shift and a little planning, it can be a fun start to the week.

Do you dread Sunday night?

What is Sunday night dread? It’s dreading Sunday nights because you know that come Monday morning, you have to return to school or work.

It’s amazing that when the week ends on Friday, one can have a feeling of excitement of what is to come during the weekend.  Is it a sporting event, hiking, shopping, traveling, or just lounging?

Then, on Sundays…not so much…you never want the day to end.  How can you make the transition easier?

Change your Sunday night routines.

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  1. Watch your favorite TV shows or a movie (a good classic in black-and-white will usually do the trick).
  2. Have a special family dinner (use nice plates, decorate the table, and enjoy a good conversation). See it as the start of a new week, instead of the end of the weekend (yeah, I know a little half-empty vs. half-full theory).
  3. Pamper yourself, with extra care (using special body wash, lotion, and exfoliate feet).
  4. Prepare for Monday and the week ahead.
  5. Plan a fun task to start the week ( a special coffee drink, a phone call with someone you enjoy talking to, etc.)
  6. Find ways to make even the most unattractive tasks more fun. (Listen to music or pair it with another fun activity.)
  7. Downsize your expectations of what you can get done on Monday (leave room for interruptions and weekend backlog).
  8. Keep Mondays relaxed.  Don’t make stressful plans for Monday evening.  Be able to look forward to coming home and relaxing.

Bonus Tip:

Plan for the coming week on Friday, so you can jump right in on Monday when you return.

How do you avoid the Sunday night blues?

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Do you dread Sunday nights ? You don't have to! All you need is this list of 8 easy ways to make Sunday nights more fun. | OutsideTheBoxMom.com

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    I love the tip about not making big plans on Monday nights. I also think this should apply to Sunday nights. I have no idea why, but it seems as though our extended family always plans things on Sunday evenings. When we don’t get home until 8 or 9 on Sunday night, it makes Mondays that much harder because we don’t feel relaxed. Thanks so much for sharing!
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  2. says

    The author Douglas Adams called Sunday evening ‘the long, dark tea-time of the soul,’ and I knew just what he was talking about. Your points are very well made and right on target. It’s always good to have a plan -even if we don’t always follow it. Visiting from Home Matters

  3. says

    I love #6. I’m always pairing chores with audiobooks. Keeps me working and entertained! I like being prepared for the week ahead…and relaxed is a great way to start! Thanks for sharing at the #HomeMattersParty – we’re looking forward to what you have to share next week. :)

    Life With Lorelai
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