13 Realistic New Year’s Resolutions for Working Moms in 2013, Part 4

New Year’s Resolutions are all the rage this time of year. Here are some realistic new year’s resolution any working mom can pull off…with a little planning.


Read Part 1 , Part 2, and Part 3 of this series on ways working moms can make realistic new year’s resolutions.

Here are the final four resolutions on the list:

10. “My resolution is to get my kids in bed earlier, especially on school nights!”

How to Pull This Off:

This works well for my oldest. He can read the clock and we have a bedtime routine in place. I am still struggling with this one for my youngest. Her schedule is off because of shuffling her around based on our work schedules and her starting a new preschool. I will defer to the experts on this one: How to Establish a Bedtime Routine – Preschool.

11.”I need to start flossing my kids’ teeth… I am not a good role model..I’ll have to floss more often too!”

How to Pull This Off:

Make it fun.  Let your kids pick their own toothbrushes and floss featuring their favorite characters.  Then, print off a reward chart for the month, with a special activity treat.  Do it together as part of your bedtime routine.

Here are 2 more I added to the original list:

12. Lose weight.

How to Pull This Off: Exercise including walking, playing outside with the kids, or going to the gym. Eat better, starting with eating breakfast, eating more fruits/vegetables, and watching your caloric intake.  I’ve learned that it’s the small, almost unnoticeable changes that really add up.

13. Make time for myself.

How to Pull This Off: Treat yourself to a latte, movie, or a good book. Have lunch with a friend. Have a monthly or quarterly girls night with family or girlfriends.  We make time for everyone else…and then, there’s nothing left for us.   If you make it routine, it will be easier to keep your plans with yourself.

There you have it: 13 realistic resolutions you can pull off this year. No forgetting, giving up, or setting them aside by year’s end.

What’s on your list of resolutions this year?


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